& Investment
Our experienced and professional consultant teams offer consultancy services regarding large scale investment properties in different sectors. Service areas included seeking appropriate investment projects in the property market for potential clients, offering professional opinion such as sales approach, sales strategy, part-share transfer, sale and lease-back proposals aiming to achieving successful deal for mutual benefits. Our teams have solid track record of success in sales of whole block of industrial and commercial properties as well as serviced apartments over years with accumulated valuable experience, further strengthen our commercial client network we have built.
In order to keep pace with local residential market trend, we have already established a consultant team engaging in acquisitions and joint sale projects in the early 90’s, as one of the pioneer consulting firms providing such agency services for developers, investors as well as individual landlords. We have gathered extensive experience in the field over the past decades, and have achieved excellent performance in successful sales of unified ownership, joint sale and public tender projects. In fact, our team has proven track record in building up solid business relationship with developers, veteran investors as well as local renowned families in this service category.
Our marketing team works closely with consultant teams in drafting sales proposal as well as executing marketing plans; contents included introducing integrated communication approach which stimulates awareness and interest regarding the sales of the property and by implementing Above The Line (ATL) and Below The Line (BTL) advertising to promote the properties for maximum exposure in order to reach out potential purchasers. Basically, ATL activities include posting advertisement and distributing press release to media while BTL activities include mailing of promotional pamphlet and sending email to potential purchasers directly for promoting property according to the project description.
Furthermore, we provide leasing agency service in industrial, commercial and retail sectors for clients. In terms of understanding their business need, budget, market positioning etc., we seek properties for tenants and act as their representatives to negotiate with landlord, assisting them to reach favourable leasing agreement.